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Why Self-Service Laundromats Need Insurance Protection

Does a self-service laundromat need the extra coverage of insurance? While some business owners might deem it something extra, it can provide protection against problems that can easily develop. Here’s why self-service laundromat insurance is a necessity.

It Contains Greater Coverage For More Incidents

Self-service laundry isn’t as hands-on, but there’s more room for error and problems. People can break the machines and not report them, slippery floors can occur, and malfunctioning equipment is common. Having coverage that’s created specifically for a laundry facility means these incidents are taken into account and provided for when it’s time to make a claim.

It Saves the Laundromat Money

Rather than paying additional money out of pocket for a broken machine or losing out on revenue, self-service laundromat insurance can save a business with umbrella liability, worker’s compensation, and even customer goods coverage. In the event the laundromat is sued or there’s another problem, the insurance protects against these incidents.

Dealing with self-service laundromat insurance can save a business time and money. There’s protection that takes care of both customer and employees while making allowances for broken equipment. There’s also additional coverage in case of accidents, which can occur in these types of settings. The additional cost of having this insurance outweighs any negatives.

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