Why Police Need Liability Coverage

As a citizen, you are protected by the police force. However, what happens when the police themselves are not protected? What happens when they are not insured? In the case of animosity against police officers, this is exactly what can happen.

Police liability insurance is there to protect both the individual officer and the department as a whole if something goes wrong. Here are some ways officers are held liable for damages.

Excessive Force 

One way is if they are accused of using excessive force when making an arrest. This is one of the most common ways that hostility and distrust toward police can lead to a lawsuit.  

Breaking Protocol

This can be something as simple as questioning a superior’s orders, or not properly investigating a crime. If a suspect claims that their rights were violated, they may file a lawsuit against the officer. 


This can happen if an officer is accused of profiling a suspect based on their race, religion, or gender. If someone cites unfair targeting, they may take legal action that results in major consequences for the officer.  

No matter the reason for the lawsuit, it can have a major impact on both the officer and the department. This is why it is so important for officers to have liability coverage specifically for their occupation.

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