What You Need to Know About Temp Workers

A lot of industries rely on temporary employees from time to time. Your company may hire temp employees during a peak season or when your regular employees need to take a leave of absence. Here is what you need to know about temporary workers.

How Are Temporary Workers Classified?

When you have temp workers, you do not classify them the same way you do permanent employees. The temp employee can only work for a small period of time that cannot span more than a year. However, you may be able to hire employees for projects for an additional year. Temporary workers can be full-time or part-time employees.

Can Temporary Workers Become Permanent Employees?

If you have a temporary employee who does a great job, you may want to hire him or her. It is normally easy to hire a temp worker as a permanent employee if he or she is not a part of a staffing agency. However, if the worker is from a staffing agency, the agency may charge you a fee for the employee.

There are a variety of industries that utilize the help of temp employees. These industries include labor, education, IT, healthcare and more. Temporary employees generally fill the gap where you do not have permanent employees. In some cases, however, a temp employee may become permanent.

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