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Using Your Boat for Business

You love the sea and the salty open air of the coast. If you would like to turn your love of the ocean into a career, what are some things that you should consider before opening your own company?


Your vessel was an expensive purchase. Be sure that you have boat insurance coverage to avoid potentially costly damages from natural disasters or other accidents. Plus, if ferrying customers around is part of your business, you want to be sure that everyone on-board is safe and protected too!


What kind of business can you run using your boat? Well, depending on its size, any number! Owning a vessel opens a lot of doors for potential businesses.

Find your niche in the aquatic world:

Tours (history, dolphin or bird-watching, informational)
Fishing (for commercial industries, personal sale or a private vendor)
Day cruises (bachelor(ette) parties, booze cruises, relaxation)


Don’t forget to sell yourself to the world! Let everyone know you exist.

There are plenty of ways to do this, but some ideas include:

Social media accounts
An awesome website
Partnering with other local businesses

Pursue your dream and follow it out to the sea. Live your life as happy as you can: On your boat, under the endless sky and surrounded by open water.

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