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Tips on Filling out Your Commercial Insurance Forms

The ACORD 140 form handles rating and underwriting in regards to commercial property exposures. In the property section, there are two locations you can cover and each one has the information recorded separately. You attach this form to your commercial insurance application. If you’re new to filling out these forms, they may be more simple than you give them credit for. Here are some important tips.

Have All of the Information

It’s always easier if you have all of your information at your side before you start filling out the form. If it helps, you can always look over the form in advance to make sure that you have all of the documents you might need to streamline the process.

Fill out the Form Completely

Do not skip sections of the form or leave anything out. There may be some repeat information that you have to list from other forms that you fill out during the process, but it’s still crucial that you provide all of the information that the form asks. If you don’t fill out everything, then insurers may have difficulty tracking your complete application.

When it comes to filling out the forms associated with your commercial insurance application, it does not have to be a daunting process. As long as you follow the instructions and have the information on hand, it can help you fill out the ACORD 140.

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