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Tips for Submitting Workers Compensation Claims

When an employee is injured at work, it is critical for the claim to be submitted properly. Improper or inadequate information could delay or prevent the claim from being processed. Your injured worker may not receive their medical benefits and other compensation because of this. Let’s look at some key considerations when filing a claim.

1. File the Claim as Quickly as Possible

Timely workers comp claims reporting can make the difference between an approved or unapproved case. In fact, many states have laws requiring the employer to report the incident promptly or they must pay a fine. As a business owner or supervisor, you must remind your employees to report an on-the-job injury immediately. The supervisor or Human Resources representative must then contact their insurance carrier.

This begins the process of helping the injured employee seek the medical care they need. Your insurance carrier will meet with the worker to explain the process and describe the benefits they will receive while recovering at home.

Work with your employee to ensure the paperwork is filled out accurately and thoroughly.

2. Seek Witness Statements From Co-Workers

Depending on the nature of the incident, the investigation may require statements of co-workers who witnessed the accident. Talk with anyone who can collaborate on the incident prior to the investigation.

Help your employees receive their benefits as soon as possible after an accident at work.

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