Three Ways to Protect Trucking Cargo in Route

Truckers need to protect their cargo from pick-up to final destination. That can be difficult without trailer interchange insurance and a risk management strategy.


Trailer interchange insurance protects the cargo when it transfers from one party to another transporting party. Should theft, fire or a collision happen, www.atminsurance.com states that the goods are usually covered under the policy meaning the cost to replace them does not come out of the company’s pocket. Many companies do not have the ability to transport everything the entire way themselves. Relying on multiple parties to transfer the goods makes this a good insurance to have.


One way to minimize risks when transporting goods is to have the right documentation at each step of the process. Each person or entity that handles the goods should sign-off on a document that travels with the goods. Should there be a theft or damage to the items, there is a record of accountability.


Consider placing security devices on high-value items. Should these items go missing, an alarm sounds alerting the driver immediately. The security devices can include tracking mechanisms to help law enforcement find the stolen goods.
In addition to trailer interchange insurance, documentation and security measures are risk management strategies that can help protect the cargo during transport. Lowering the risk of damage or theft of cargo can save the trucking company money and hassle.

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