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Special Coverage for Timeshare Owners

Special Coverage for Timeshare Owners

Running a timeshare can be a good business that appeals to those with larger families or anyone wanting to have a place ready and waiting for them when they travel to certain parts of the country. Instead of the usual hassle of finding a place to stay, it can be comforting to know that you have a familiar place ready with your specifications to accommodate you. However, because timeshares entail a unique type of ownership and living situation, standard homeowner’s or renter’s insurance may not be sufficient. Luckily with a specialized plan, such as a timeshare insurance program, you can feel more at ease knowing that common concerns are addressed and protected against.

What It Covers

Having a policy that specifically addresses the needs of timeshare owners can be very beneficial. Some of the things this type of plan likely covers includes the following:

Health and safety concerns of employees that help maintain and prepare the residence
Errors & Omissions
Damage or disaster to the property
Directors & Officers

Owning this type of business can be profitable and enjoyable when safeguards such as a timeshare insurance program are established well in advance. Instead of focusing on what could go wrong with your property, it can be easier to enjoy it knowing you have the right defenses in place.

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