Is home health care covered by Medicare

Special Care for Aging Parents

One of the biggest challenges is to care for an aging family member with special needs such as mobility issues, lack of accessibility to transportation or sickness. While it can be physically and even emotionally-demanding, there are options available that can give both you and your loved ones the services needed to make the situation as convenient as possible. Luckily, you do not need to navigate this alone, and questions such as”Is home health care covered by Medicare?” can be answered by qualified professionals at your service.


If you’ve reached a point where it becomes overwhelming to provide care on your own, you can turn to several resources to help alleviate the burden. Some of these include:

  • Companies providing medical equipment
  • Full-care nursing homes
  • Home care
  • Transportation services to and from appointments

Find the Right Fit

Depending on your loved one’s needs, you may wonder “Is home health care covered by Medicare?” In many scenarios, it can be. For approved candidates, patients can qualify for home services such as medical equipment, supplies, medically-related social services, skilled therapy services and home health care or nursing services. Consider all these options when developing a plan that is the most compatible with your circumstances. Ultimately, the correct choice is one that works best for you and your family members.

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