Public Liability Insurance for Building Work

Running a construction site is a complicated matter. Numerous circumstances affect building locations, and many of them are unpredictable. Contractors must purchase public liability insurance for building work to protect against accidents and any possible liability arising from them.

Understanding What Liability Insurance Covers

Public and general liability insurance for builders covers specific situations, including:

  • Your or your workers cause property damage or injury
  • You damage commercial space you are renting
  • You face litigation for slander, copyright infringement, or false advertising
  • Someone is injured on the construction site or on your property

Generally, public liability does not cover negligence or any litigation involving anything other than property damages or personal injuries.

Choosing the Right Protection

As a contractor, you need to choose the right level of public liability insurance for building work to meet your needs. You purchase a policy for a specific time period, and it expires when the project it finished. However, there is also another important type of policy you may want to consider. Builders risk insurance covers your equipment and materials related to a building site, as well as the physical location. This type of insurance has different levels of coverage. Insurance professionals can help you choose the best tier for your needs.

Choosing liability insurance for builders is an important part of your contracting responsibilities, and it can make the difference in a project’s success.

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