Protecting Your Microbrewery With Comprehensive Insurance

Microbreweries are fun, exciting, vibrant businesses to run. As craft beer grows in popularity, there are more opportunities than ever for establishing a successful microbrewery. But operating a microbrewery contains a number of unique risks — around food production, potential contamination, alcohol liabilities, among other potential issues. Understanding microbrewery insurance programs and establishing an effective coverage policy are essential to fiscally protecting your business, and keeping customers safe and happy.

What Risks Are Unique to Microbreweries?

Risks faced by a given microbrewery will in many cases depend on a number of specifics, including brewery size, whether alcohol is consumed on-site, and more. Brewers should generally consider the following types of insurance:

  • Property coverage is essential for protecting high-value machinery, as well as insuring the business in the event of fire or other disaster. This may also include beverage-specific coverage, including leakage and contamination coverage.
  • General liability policies protect the brewery against claims of liability for injuries or other incidents. Depending on the type of brewery, this may be important for off-site incidents as well.
  • Products liability coverage is essential, in the event something goes wrong with a bottled or canned product (like debris or contamination).

Depending on the specifics of your business, other microbrewery insurance programs may be necessary to you. Speaking to an experienced insurer can help design a policy that effectively protects your company.

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