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Preparing for Winter Safety

If you live in the northeast United States, you know of the frigid temperatures and huge snow accumulations that occur over the winter months. When it comes to keeping your Needham Insurance in good standing, there are some things you can do to keep yourself from accidents and damage claims commonly associated with winter incidents.

Home Preparation

Clean out gutters or drainage tunnels to prevent snow and ice accumulation on the roof.

Disconnect any hoses from the outside of the residence and drain thoroughly before a winter freeze.

Ensure your home is thoroughly insulated to avoid burst pipes.
Invest in an insulated blanket to cover your water heater.

Auto Safety

Living up North, the chances are good your roads will become unsafe with snow and ice. Accidents can raise the rates of your Needham insurance policy, and taking extra precautions during winter months might save you money and protect your safety.

Use ice/snow chains when necessary.

Thoroughly clean snow and ice from your windshield before driving.
Wait for roads to be plowed and declared safe before attempting travel.
Check levels for antifreeze, gas, oil and windshield wiper fluids regularly.

Taking proactive steps can keep you safe and warm during the winter months. In addition to protecting yourself, these actions can protect your insurance policy rates.

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