U.S. Risks recommend a professional liability insurance policy

New Liability Concerns For Lawyers

Attorneys are best known for their work representing individuals of all types and fighting for the injustices of a variety of situations. Legal representation occurs within special disciplines, such as family law, real estate law, or criminal law, but when looking from a general perspective, there is a risk for attorneys that is common among fields of practice. Lawyers are always susceptible to negligence or breach of contract lawsuits from their client. There are always areas of liability and vulnerability that can impact an attorney’s practice.

Four Areas of Interest

As the culture continues to shift and technology continue to change the way people communicate and operate, lawyers are facing new concerns with liabilities. There are areas of increasing concerns when it comes to legal practices:

How is the aging population served when issues of dementia or other neurological conditions are increasingly discovered or diagnosed?
How do changing drug laws affect client relationships and trust?
How does one maintain professionalism and ethical conduct in a digital age?
How does one avoid legal trouble in a lawsuit-happy society?

If you want to be protected through these situations, the professionals at U.S. Risks recommend a professional liability insurance policy. This is one way to address the areas of exposure the legal practice brings, but it also brings financial peace of mind for claims and resolutions that might need to be achieved.

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