Wholesale high value home insurance

More Coverage for Your High End Home

Unlike a owning a standard home, a luxury home is more expensive to rebuild or repair when disaster strikes. Wholesale high value home insurance provides the additional coverage your home needs to restore it to the luxurious living space it was before the disaster. Get all the added benefits of high end living in an insurance policy designed for your home.

High End Benefits for Luxury Homes

Beyond traditional home insurance coverage, wholesale high value home insurance has higher limits. Be sure to discuss anything unique about the home to the agent to include in the coverage options. Fine art, collectibles, jewelry and more should be listed in your policy. Some policy highlights luxury homeowners benefit from include:

  • Equipment breakdown protection
  • Increased limits for jewelry protection
  • Asset protection with high liability limits
  • Cash settlement if the customer doesn’t rebuild
  • Additional temporary resident living expenses during rebuild or repair
  • Drain backups and sewage coverage
  • Mitigate losses with risk management services
  • Restore the original beauty with extended replacement costs for repair and restoration even beyond policy limits

Restore that luxury home to all its former glory with wholesale high value home insurance. Get the additional features you need to fully cover your assets. Speak to an agent or broker who understands the unique features of your luxury home.

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