Keeping the Company Light On

The work of an electrician is similar to the slogan of Motel 6 in that he keeps the lights on for everyone, but there are dangers and risks inherent to this line of work. As recommended by the site www.danielsinsuranceinc.com, quality protection against industry-related exposures should include more than generic electrician insurance. A combination of policies, such as adding commercial auto to your general liability, can fill in any gaps in coverage.

The Three Common Electrical Risks

While electricians deal with a wide range of voltage, layouts, materials, locations, and project scope, there are usually three risks commonly associated with the industry.
Because of the potential for fire, property damage, and personal injury is a risk associated with electrical work. A lawsuit for repair or medical costs and damages can financially devastate your company.
The materials and tools used on the job site are specialized and usually costly. These items can present an opportunity for theft and replacing lost items can be expensive.
Property Damage. Whether you store your tools and materials at the job site or a business location, fire, or water damage can destroy your property. An insurance plan that covers property can help repair the damage done.
Your company offers a valuable service providing electrical work to residential and commercial companies. Invest in your company by ensuring it with quality coverage that addresses areas of risk and exposure.

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