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Insurance for Septic Tank Workers at All Stages of Work

Working with septic tanks can be a dangerous and dirty job. One of the best ways to protect your business and employees is through smart investment in a specialized septic tank insurance policy. When considering insurance coverage for your septic tank maintenance or repair company, make sure to think about all aspects of your work.

Hazard Surveillance

When you and your team first head out to investigate where a new septic tank will go, it is likely you will examine the drain fields to understand the drainage of the area. However, if your percolation tests are incorrect or tanks cannot discharge, then the people, animals and environment can be harmed. This can set your company up for expensive liability lawsuits if you do not have an insurance plan including pollution liability or property damage coverage.

System Installation

Between the heavy equipment used to install septic tanks and the risks posed by hidden pipelines or cables, septic tank installation can be dangerous for your employees. In addition to regular safety courses about the dangers of collapses, bacterial contamination and improper machinery operation, make sure you have a solid insurance plan that covers your team in these unique situations.

Safety Maintenance

When your team members are called out to repair or update septic tanks, make sure they know how to look for signs of leaks or standing water. Children and animals are often at high risk of drowning or infection from faulty septic tanks. Cover your work with strong septic tank insurance in case a system is damaged.

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