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Insurance Against Death Expenses

Pre-need insurance is a growing market in the American insurance marketplace, and you might be able to realize substantial savings by including it in your family’s risk management portfolio. If you’re wondering what it is, it can best be explained as insurance against the cost of burial or cremation for the insured. That means a policy needs to cover the specific people in the household, the way a life insurance policy does. The difference is pre-need insurance is designed specifically for the expenses of cremation or burial, not simply as an investment or inheritance vehicle. That means it’s less useful for providing for a spouse but quite useful for extending your life insurance’s usefulness as a financial planning vehicle.

Where Can Customers Learn More About This Product?

Right now, the niche is specialized and you need to find the right provider to access it. Luckily, the Regan Agency is actively seeking new clients, offering service that is state of the art for this field. Gain a measure of financial security for your descendants, and make sure your funeral expenses are taken care of before probate so your heirs don’t have to wait through the entire disposition of your estate to get reimbursed for the memorial.

Funeral home expenses
Casket or urn purchases
Flowers and catering

You won’t believe the peace of mind one little tweak to your insurance umbrella can make.

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