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Importance of Staffing Agency Insurance

Importance of Staffing Agency Insurance

The partnership between a staffing agency and host employer can be mutually beneficial. However, in order to be successful in the staffing industry, staffing companies need to consider insurance coverages. Staffing insurance solutions protects you, your host employer and your workers.

Temporary Worker Risk

Staffing agencies have to consider a number of risks. While the host employer carries some of the responsibility for the employee’s safety and health, it is up to the staffing agency to ensure that the employee has all proper protections in place. The risks to consider are as follows:

Auto risks

Theft risks

Professional liability risks

Negligent Entrustment risks

Many of the risks that temporary workers pose are the same risks that any employee poses. The difference is that there isn’t always adequate coverage to handle the risk. Between the host employer and the staffing agency, there isn’t always the right coverage. As the staffing agency, you should take it upon yourself to make sure these risks are covered. Without the right staffing insurance solutions, your business could be in hot water if anything happens. Keep in mind that you are liable for the temporary employee. While the host employer carries some of the responsibility, you could be liable if something goes wrong, if an employee is hurt, or worse, if an employee steals from the host company. Adequate coverage minimizes risk.

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