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Example Insurance Claims for Dry Cleaning Services

Operating a dry cleaning service puts your business in the care of customer belongings, most of which are delicate and pricey, requiring the special cleaning. While it is vital for employees to be properly trained and careful as they work, there is always a chance of an accident or problem outside of anyone’s control happening. This often leads to legal claims and large costs for your business in terms of court and replacement fees. However, acquiring an insurance program with a strong focus on dry cleaners can ensure that the likely faced dry cleaning insurance claims are covered by the policy. Some examples of possible disasters leading to claims are as follows.

Machine Malfunction

Whether due to a manufacturing mistake, user error or wear and tear, there’s a chance that one of the machines in your dry cleaning service ends up damaging the clothing.

Weakened Clothing

Some fabrics can become looser between the threads without being clearly obvious, leading to damage from regular cleaning processes without a clear reason. Since there’s no way to prove that the clothing was already weakened, these incidents often lead to dry cleaning insurance claims.

Building Fire

If a fire occurs within the premises of your business, much can be damaged or lost, including the belongings of others in the case of a dry cleaning service. A solid insurance program can cover for anything involved, including lost clothing and other personal property.

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