A Quick Guide to Manufacturer Cyber Liability Insurance

Thales’ 2021 Data Threat Report revealed that 45% of United States businesses have experienced a data breach. Organizations and cyber thieves race against each other, both trying to frustrate the other’s efforts. Keep reading to learn how manufacturers cyber liability insurance can protect your company against severe financial losses. The Basics of Cyber Liability Insurance Cyber […]

Protecting Your Microbrewery With Comprehensive Insurance

Microbreweries are fun, exciting, vibrant businesses to run. As craft beer grows in popularity, there are more opportunities than ever for establishing a successful microbrewery. But operating a microbrewery contains a number of unique risks — around food production, potential contamination, alcohol liabilities, among other potential issues. Understanding microbrewery insurance programs and establishing an effective […]

A Short Guide To Sexual Misconduct Insurance

All business owners hope they will never have to face the financial and emotional devastation of a sexual misconduct claim. Unfortunately, claims of sexual misconduct are not uncommon and can happen in any business. On average, there are 15 new claims of sexual misconduct every month and there are roughly 150 sexual misconduct claims pending […]

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