Protecting Your Microbrewery With Comprehensive Insurance

Microbreweries are fun, exciting, vibrant businesses to run. As craft beer grows in popularity, there are more opportunities than ever for establishing a successful microbrewery. But operating a microbrewery contains a number of unique risks — around food production, potential contamination, alcohol liabilities, among other potential issues. Understanding microbrewery insurance programs and establishing an effective […]

A Short Guide To Sexual Misconduct Insurance

All business owners hope they will never have to face the financial and emotional devastation of a sexual misconduct claim. Unfortunately, claims of sexual misconduct are not uncommon and can happen in any business. On average, there are 15 new claims of sexual misconduct every month and there are roughly 150 sexual misconduct claims pending […]

Protect Your Consulting Firm

Consultants work in a variety of industries. Other professionals rely on your agents to provide valuable advice in creative and business projects. When you offer professional advice, there is always a chance that you could make a mistake or your advice might not go according to plan. For this reason, you need to have consultant […]

How Risk Retention Becomes Risk Management

Every business in every industry faces risks every day. To mitigate the risk, businesses invest in different insurance policies. For example, if someone slips and falls in your business and suffers an injury, then your liability insurance should be able to cover the legal fees associated with a lawsuit. Workers’ compensation, as another example, covers […]

Public Liability Insurance for Building Work

Running a construction site is a complicated matter. Numerous circumstances affect building locations, and many of them are unpredictable. Contractors must purchase public liability insurance for building work to protect against accidents and any possible liability arising from them. Understanding What Liability Insurance Covers Public and general liability insurance for builders covers specific situations, including: […]

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