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Public Liability Insurance for Building Work

Running a construction site is a complicated matter. Numerous circumstances affect building locations, and many of them are unpredictable. Contractors must purchase public liability insurance for building work to protect against accidents and any possible liability arising from them. Understanding What Liability Insurance Covers Public and general liability insurance for builders covers specific situations, including: […]

Lawsuits Happen: What To Look For in an EO Policy

Lawsuits can devastate a business. Beyond the enormous legal expense, litigation can cripple professionals’ ability to focus on running their enterprises. Errors and omissions insurance can protect a business accused of making professional mistakes. To get the most value from an E&O policy, it pays to know what to look for. Understand Your Coverage Limits […]

3 Programs Your Library Can Offer

Many libraries have a plethora of summer activities and reading challenges for people of all ages. Once school starts, though, programming tends to taper off. As referenced on, however, there are many ways to continue to promote literacy for school-age children. Here are three after school library program ideas that can fuel excitement about reading […]

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