A Guide To New Parent Life Insurance

Becoming a new parent is a joyous occasion. You will probably not want to think about what could go wrong. Thankfully there are new parent life insurance plans that can help you prepare for the worst. Should something happen to you or your partner, a life insurance plan sets your child up for future success.

Term Life Insurance

This type of life insurance has a fixed term to it. It is usually somewhere between 20-30 years. This can be an option if you foresee your children being financially independent when they’re grown. It is generally cheaper than other types of life insurance.

Permanent Life Insurance

This type of life insurance lasts for your whole life. It can be more expensive. However, some like to plan ahead and use this as a part of their estate. That way, beneficiaries can use these finances to pay off any potential debts. Additionally, permanent life insurance can be useful for parents with a long-term dependent child.

Even within these categories, there are more possible new parent life insurance plans. Therefore, you can find a plan that fits your unique situation. Take your time and read through possible plans slowly. The work now could seriously pay off in the future. 

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