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4 Tips To Lower Short Haul Trucking Insurance Costs

Rising costs have hit the trucking industry hard especially insurance markets for short haul truckers. Short-haul truckers often work for small businesses handling the small to mid-length trips necessary to keep America running. Here are four ways to keep your insurance costs down.


Experienced drivers with a minimum of two years CDL experience can help you lower your insurance premiums. An experienced driver between the ages of 30 and 62 with a clean driving record offer the company the best chances for a low rate.


Trucking insurance premiums take into account the value, age and condition of the vehicles. Modern equipment on trucks younger than ten years can offer savings on your insurance premiums.


The DOT offers a safety rating on your fleet. Keep an eye on your DOT safety record and work to keep your fleet in good standing to keep insurance costs down.


The longer your trucking company has been in business the better chances you have of getting good rates on your insurance. Maintain a good operating record without a name change to secure better rates.

The value of truckers to the supply side of businesses cannot be overstated. Insurance markets for short haul truckers offer lower rates for businesses who are safe with quality drivers and newer equipment. Speak with your agent for other ways to lower insurance costs.

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