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3 Programs Your Library Can Offer

Many libraries have a plethora of summer activities and reading challenges for people of all ages. Once school starts, though, programming tends to taper off. As referenced on, however, there are many ways to continue to promote literacy for school-age children. Here are three after school library program ideas that can fuel excitement about reading well into the new school year.

  1. Age-Appropriate Story Time

Story time is often associated with small children who can’t read on their own. Expanding story time after school lets out for older kids can be productive, too. Have an experienced reader work through a chapter book with elementary children. Your library can be the place where young readers fall in love with their favorite childhood series.

  1. Book Clubs

Avid readers love to discuss their favorite books with like-minded others. Book clubs add a social aspect to reading that can spark interest for even reluctant readers, though.

  1. Movie Nights

Great stories aren’t limited to print. Hosting frequent movie nights can be a great way to attract people to the library and open their eyes to a whole new world.

Just because students go back to school, that doesn’t mean they can’t still benefit from their public library. Having a selection of after-school activities can help them find something they enjoy.

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