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Insurance.  Just the word alone can make some people’s palms sweat, while others may get dizzy trying to understand all the different types, levels, protections, and nuisances of an insurance policy.  There are even some niche industries that have trouble finding coverage. We understand.

Who Are We?

As a small group of industry experts, we were being told by our friends, family, and loved ones, that insurance was often confusing, frustrating, and sometimes downright maddening.

However, we also realize that insurance is an important part of everyone’s daily lives.  Think of this scenario:

You wake up in the morning in your home (homeowner’s or renters’ insurance).  Then, you head off to work in your automobile (vehicle insurance), where you arrive at your job (workers’ compensation).  At lunch, you drive (vehicle insurance) to a local restaurant for lunch (general liability insurance).  On the way back, you stop at the local pharmacy (professional liability) to pick up a prescription.  At your place of employment (business owner’s policy), you finish your day and head home in your automobile (vehicle insurance).  As you arrive home, your lovely spouse and children greet you at the door (life insurance).  Later that evening, you attend the monthly home owner’s association meeting (HOA insurance), before retiring in your new bed (product liability coverage).

It is amazing to think how much insurance coverage intertwines with our daily lives.  Whether you are a business owner, employee, or self-employed professional, finding the best coverage with the best company is necessary to protect your assets.  However, the time you can spend researching and discovering which company is best for your needs can become a full-time job!

This is where 16memorias comes in to help.

How We Help You Find the Most Up-To-Date Insurance Information

We take the time to look for, review, and help you decide which insurance company will fit your needs with our informative insurance industry news articles covering everything from aging parents to auto insurance to choosing the best insurance company.  If you have a question, chances are, we have an answer.

We are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to keep you informed of the latest insurance industry news.  Our pages are full of Interesting topics, sound advice, and the latest insurance industry trends.

Whether you are a professional in the insurance industry or a novice just trying to learn about a particular insurance topic, we’ve got you covered.  We are glad you stopped by and hope you enjoy reading what our industry experts have discovered.

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